Design Layout Ideas for the Small Kitchen

small-kitchen-layout-designsHaving a small family is a great advantage because then you can settle for a small kitchen. Having a small kitchen has minimal clutter and maximum efficiency. Finding the perfect designer can help make decisions easier if you know what you have in mind. Small kitchens can work with your big ideas. Doing it yourself is an option as having an expert do it for you can be very costly. However, doing it perfectly the first time will be the best thing to do.

Deciding on the kitchen décor should be the easy part as all kitchen designers have catalogues of showcasing the different styles and colours. White kitchens are highly modern these days and most appliances used are stainless steel. A small kitchen can be built within a week without any hassle and stress. The L shaped kitchen can be easily done in no time. First you need to decide where you want your appliances to be placed in the kitchen.

To fit the perfect kitchen you can install an under mounted sink

8 Original Tips for Small Kitchen Remodeling

90fb3642320ab0ad3b13a22af0955a94#1. Choose open cupboards

One of the biggest problems with small kitchens is that they might feel rather claustrophobic because there are too many cupboards stuffed into this limited space. Removing them is usually not an option, because there are many items that must be stored in the room. Open cupboards offer an efficient solution to this problem because they don’t create such a ‘boxed’ feeling. These storage areas also provide you with the opportunity to use fancy jars, glasses, and china as decorations.

#2. Add a kitchen island

Small kitchens don’t offer enough counter space to work on comfortably. A kitchen island can solve the problem of having a working surface, but such a major construction job will work only if the room’s design is minimalistic.

The counter of the piece must be white (preferably marble) and its bottom must be open. This way, the island won’t seem ‘cumbersome’.

#3. Mix materials to create interesting designs

Limited space doesn’t allow you much room for creating a beautiful interior. You can make up for this by

Keeping Cool in the Summer by Not Doing These Chores

Calling in professionals for every chore that you have to do around the house can get expensive over time. This is why DIY is popular among homeowners. Nevertheless, it isn’t the answer for every slightly expensive chore. With some projects, DIY can end in more harm than good. For these, it’s a good idea to get outside help. The reasons are compelling ones.

Gutter cleaning and roof repair

You need to make sure that the rain gutters are completely clean before the rains come. Then, you need to continue to pay attention so that the gutters remain that way. Getting up on a ladder to poke around the gutter, though, is one of the most dangerous DIY household chores than anyone can take up. From shaky gutters to slippery ladder footings, there are many ways to seriously injure yourself, and it often happens. These are not easy injuries to recover from. The answer is to call in a handyman (or to simply invest in a modern, covered gutter system that needs no cleaning).

Trimming your trees

Unless your trees are very short ones, it’s a terrible idea trim them yourself, or to remove

A Worktop Can Make a Big Difference

When you are purchasing a new home, the things that concern you the most are the location of the property, the changes you can make, and the cost you have to bear in doing so. You will be taking special care to ensure that the décor of each room looks the best at all times. Here the focus will be on the changes you can make in the kitchen, and how you can make it the central room of your home.

Depending on the size and shape of the kitchen, you have to look at all the options to choose from, when changing the setting. Many include kitchen worktops so that you can utilize the space of the kitchen, and make it significant at the same time. There are various options available in the market, and the choice is made according to individual selection, that matches the kitchen theme, size, and budget.

The common types that are seen include steel, granite, laminated, wooden, and even glass, and the price of each kind varies with the quality of material chosen and the design. It can be purchased in different colors, designs, and material, and interested buyers can

How To Choose And Install Kitchen Hardware To Enhance Design

Kitchen hardware creates the finishing touch to your cabinetry and the entire space in general. Even though it could be the very last thing you get to think about, it can greatly influence the feel and the look of the kitchen as a whole. The hardware choices you make for your kitchen cabinets and how you have it installed can determine the experience you have when using the kitchen. This is especially considering that you will be touching the hardware most times during the day and functionality should therefore play a great role.

Choosing the hardware

The budget should be amongst the things that guide you to kitchen cabinet hardware or furniture hardware that you need. Truth is the market has plenty of options in terms of the materials used in making the hardware and this can determine the prices of the pieces you are interested in. Solid, strong metal knobs for instance, are heavier and durable but can be a little expensive compared to plastic ones. Look at your budget but at the same time give attention to the functionality and value you get.

Choose a hardware style that befit your kitchen. You can

5 Questions to Ask the Expert Before Starting Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen remodeling can be an exciting and creative task with proper planning, and you can easily make your dream come true. Kitchen renovations can be an enjoyable task if you know how to give it a good start. There is an array of choices of available – from cabinets to countertops, faucets and flooring, lighting, appliances and more. There are literally unlimited options available out there, but you will have to make a smart choice to avoid unnecessary wastage of time and money.

Decided to renovate your kitchen? Here are some questions that you should ask your kitchen designer before starting with the project. Check this out:

Questions #1: What is your qualification and experience as a kitchen designer?

Never go with the claims, they can be false. Ask them to prove that they are well qualified in the field and have sufficient experience dealing with renovation projects. Ask him/her to show any certificates of courses and have they attended trade shows and seminars. Do not allow them to ask all the questions, it is your responsibility too.

Question #2: Can you work according to my needs and budget?

The perfect kitchen design

The 7 Most Common Kitchen Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

You should take utmost care while planning the design of the kitchen, the most important part of your home. There you will be spending a significant amount of time of your day. Because an unrealistic design can make your kitchen inefficient and difficult to use.

Below given are the seven most common kitchen design mistakes and ways to avoid them.

1. Not having enough lighting

The kitchen is the space where sufficient lighting is extremely required. You’ll need to have enough task lighting to see what you are doing. Install pendant lights over your kitchen and beneath the counter space to lighten that up.

2. Not installing a backsplash

Don’t make the decision to not installing a backsplash, because it keeps your kitchen clean. Backsplash safeguards the walls from grease and steam produced by the oven used. By not installing a backsplash you will end up spending more money for cleaning the walls or even replacing them.

3. Not having proper ventilation

Proper ventilation keeps away the lingering smell of every meal cooked. It also helps to keep the air fresh and clean while extending the lifespan of your appliances as

Information and Importance on Kitchen Cabinets for Household

A kitchen is an integral part of any household and a kitchen cabinet is thus an integral part of any kitchen. All the kitchen cabinets require regular replacement after a certain period of time in order to keep them fresh. This is because they can fall apart after continuous usage and might not be quite safe to be held on to the kitchen. Simply trying to continue their usage by applying a coat of paint or a new wood veneer simply won’t save them.

Investing in a brand new kitchen cabinet can be simply exciting or overwhelming. This is because of the numerous door styles, bells, whistles and finishes that are available at your disposal. Built in racks and various types of pull out pantries can also be taken into consideration while choosing for an appropriate kitchen cabinet. However there can be a very large amount of money at stake as a cabinet can account for more than half of the money that is invested into the renovation of a kitchen. Thus in order to get the most out of your investment, apart from concentrating on the looks or appearance, it is also important to give enough

How to Make Your Kitchen Feel More Like a Cafe

There seems to be something about cafe’s that attract people and make them feel calm while they eat, read, do work or simply sit and drink a coffee. Have you ever wanted to give your kitchen, or part of your kitchen, the look and feel of a cafe? It might be easier than you think!

Here are a few steps you can take to make your kitchen feel like you have a cafe right in your home.

1. Lighting

Lighting is a very overlooks part of the look and feel of your kitchen. The ambiance of a cafe is heavily dependent on the lighting.

You can experiment with track lighting, recess lights, and different colored bulbs. Many places use a mixture of white and yellow bulbs to create a textured lighting effect.

Notice that the recess lights, usually white, are near the counter where work is being done. Then, the warmer colors are in the seating area.

Making best use of your windows is key as well. Natural light makes the room feel lively. Now, you may not have much choice of where your windows are, but you can arrange the room

Finding A Kitchen That Is Appealing As Well As Efficient

Technology today has brought about the development of several innovations that has led to the change in kitchen designs. These modern kitchens are nowhere close to what they used to look like a few years ago. Earlier days had the kitchen that was used mainly for the preparation of food alone. But now the kitchen is being used for various other purposes. There are a lot of changes like the presence of gadgets such as dish washers, pots, pans and small utensils have been converted to large ones.

It is vital to consider the space available and the functionality of your kitchen. Maximizing space is a very common requirement these days. You need to think about every minute detail when designing the kitchen. Try analyzing and understanding what exactly you would want inside the kitchen. When putting out a plan it is vital to understand the coordination between the kitchen and the rest of the house. Focusing on functionality instead of looks will ensure you have an efficient kitchen. The first thing to do is to add all the items that is functional and then if possible you can add other things to make your kitchen look

How to Create a Rustic Style Look in Your Kitchen

Rustic style kitchens are the perfect way to create a warm and cosy feel inside a home of any size, ideal for those that want to bring their rural surroundings indoors, or for those city dwellers that want to add a touch of the natural to their decor in order to create a country paradise in the concrete jungle.

This style of kitchen might seem hard to achieve with no distinct formula to follow, especially compared with popular contemporary styles which simply involve lots of white, chrome and minimalistic features. Thankfully, however, there are a few key guidelines to pulling off the rustic look in an easy and straightforward way.

The first thing to remember is that the idea of a rustic kitchen is to bring the outside, inside; this means using lots of natural colours and materials wherever possible to create a great country feel. Examples of items that look great in a rustic space include a stone sink, a copper hood, wooden parquet flooring and stone work surfaces.

One way to get this natural look for minimal expense is to make features out of existing elements in your kitchen – why not polish

Five Things to Think About When Shopping for Granite Countertops

Though they used to be associated only with very expensive houses, granite countertops have become a popular option for many homes. They are a sure sign that the homeowner is a style-conscious individual. To shop responsibly, you need to be granite-conscious because not all counters are created equal.

Machine Fabrication vs. Hand Fabrication

Stone can be worked by hand or by machine. A handcrafted finish provides a better quality product with a more expensive price tag. Machine fabrication is the faster option, but the machines fail to polish the edges as well as a trained professional. Some companies will compensate for rougher edges by waxing them, but the wax will eventually wear off. These rules may vary depending on the credibility of the company.

Though wax wears off over time, a waxed edge will cost you less money. Also, many companies that machine fabricate their stone will have an employee hand-polish it after it is cut to ensure a high-quality product. As a customer, you should be informed about how the material is processed.

Ask About Installation

Some of the larger warehouse-style suppliers do not fabricate their own stones nor do they install

The Best Products That You Need for Your Kitchen

If you love spending time in your kitchen, you are bound to want the best of products to give you company through your cooking spells. It is not the easiest things to do, mind you – it requires a lot of planning and deciding on the best of things that you need for your daily needs. What better way than to look up the best products of each of the items you need and then go ahead with a purchase. So, based on your work in the kitchen – you need to think about the products you need.

1. Microwave oven: The best and most used item in your kitchen would be your microwave oven. There are so many times you use this on a daily basis, right from heating water to getting your food ready. If you have the knack for it, get ready to have the entire cook book prepared. Right from leftovers to nutmeg cookies, you can go the complete nine yards. There are different kinds of foods you can make and for each time, you can have a distinct style to it also. The entire convenience factor that comes in when you are

5 Creative Kitchen Design Ideas You Can Try

Among the areas in a home where there’s a lot of action is happening is the kitchen. It is for this reason that it must be renovated whenever necessary so that there will be an improvement in the way that most activities will be carried out.

These days, there are lots of ways to guarantee such advantage like making the most out your space. One excellent way of doing so is by integrating space-saving solutions that can do lots of great things. By getting help from a reliable renovation company, all of these can be incorporated successfully in your new kitchen design.

Different Kitchen Design Ideas

If you do not have much counter space, consider creating an island. This can be a sturdy table with built-in storage which can be moved around or perhaps taken out of the kitchen once you need more space. This will also serve as your food preparation area and an informal dining area for you, your family and/or friends.

Replace your wall-to-wall cabinetry with open door upper storage units. These units can hold everything – from plates for dining to different kitchen ingredients. The main benefit these integrations offer

Choosing Your Black Kitchen Sink

In the past there were relatively few choices when it came to kitchen sinks. However today, thanks to improvements in technology there are a wide range of different materials and even colors. Black kitchen sinks in particular are gaining popularity as consumers recognize that by installing one they can instantly transform the look of their kitchen. Here is a quick guide to help your get started when shopping for one.


How it will be mounted is an important consideration when buying any sink. However when it comes to ones which are black, many people prefer it to be mounted below the countertop. This is called an undermount and when installed should definitely be done by a professional. A black undermount kitchen sink since has no visible edges and can create a smooth seamless look and a natural transition from your counter.

For DIY-ers, the best option is to get a drop-in kitchen sink. These are simply dropped in a cut out on the countertop and then sealed. One of the great things about drop-ins is that the weight of the sink is supported by the counter. Many are actually less expensive than the undermount

Choosing the Best Combination for Cabinets and Countertops in the Kitchen

It’s also crucial to have an established budget and stick to it. This way, bringing home samples to fall in love with won’t end up in disappointment at the store when realizing they are well out of the set price range.

Lifestyle Plays an Important Role

As mentioned above, the person or family needs and lifestyle should be first when browsing new countertops and cabinets. Kitchen cabinet dealers carry a variety of options to include bass styles and tall options to keep things out of reach of children, or make them more accessible. Need to save floor space and have ample storage? These are things to take into consideration.

Do the same for countertops. Concrete, granite and would need maintenance such as oiling and sealing, but laminate, stainless steel, quartz and engineered stones take very little. Consider how easily they can stain as well. Marble is known for staining easily.


Textures and colors are also very important considerations. Kitchen cabinet dealers offer solid wood, metal, bamboo, glass and other materials. Some cabinets may be painted or stained as well. Consider contrasting colors when matching cabinets to countertops, such as black and white.

5 Elegant Design Tips for an Asian Style Kitchen

Far East Asian inspired interior decor is a popular choice for many homeowners, as the simplicity and elegance of some of the styles from this region of the world have the power to transform a home into a calming, peaceful and visually pleasing paradise.

Looking through home décor magazines or online, it is easy to find plenty of examples of bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms that successfully capture the “zen” and tranquillity of traditional Asian inspired design. It is also possible, however, to bring a touch of the Far East into your kitchen space as well; here are five elegant design ideas for doing just that.

The first suggestion for transforming your kitchen into an elegant Asian-themed space is to take advantage of natural materials in every way that you can. One way to do this is by investing in some beautiful natural bamboo kitchen cabinets rather than more conventional choices of oak or pine cabinets.

Depending on the supplier you choose, there may be a variety of different colors available for your bamboo kitchen cabinets – and color is an important aspect that we will address later on – but the thing to remember

How to Use Bright Colours in Your Kitchen Design

Nothing lifts the spirits more than a bright splash of colour, and this is certainly true when it comes to decorating the rooms in your home. Whether you put a pop of pink or sky blue in your bedroom to get you in a good mood as soon as you wake up, or add some yellow to your living room for a sunny atmosphere, brights can be a stylish and stimulating design choice.

When it comes to kitchen design, bright colours also can play a great role. If you spend a lot of time in this space in your home, it makes sense that you would like it to be a pleasurable place to do all your food preparation and even dine in. Here are some tips on how to make these primary colours work in your home.

A popular choice for a bright colour in the kitchen is red. This vivid hue is passionate and fiery, and can make for an impact full look that instantly stimulates the senses. This warm shade can be perfect for a kitchen that is nice to relax in with a tasty home-cooked meal and a glass of wine after

What Makes Kitchen Time Special

The concept of the kitchen has evolved from a place where meals are cooked to somewhere where you can sit with family and have a good time over a quick meal. This is possible because of the introduction of cooking surfaces and accessories that make your time in the kitchen fun, and not a regular boring chore.

No matter where you put the countertop, it is the function and the utility that matters the most.

When you search the market, you will come across different materials, along with their pros and cons that you can choose as your kitchen worktops material. While many would like to choose pocket friendly materials, and resources, you have to be a smart chooser and invest in something that will give you the value for money. Whether you are choosing something classic or contemporary, it should match the décor of your home and kitchen, and should match the strength and aesthetic value of your home.

Materials like granite, marble, engineered stone can be a worthy investment as the material is durable and can last for a longer time. But many homeowners may not be up to spending much on them,

Tiles for the Kitchen

01-coffeehouse-styleYou can make your kitchen a beautiful space by choosing the right kind of tile. Tiles can be fixed in rows over a space and when chosen and arranged correctly they can bring life and style to your kitchen. One should do their homework and learn about the different tiles available in the market before remodeling the kitchen. The various kinds available in the market are ceramic, porcelain, glass, stone, quarry, vinyl etc. Choosing the right kind depends on your budget, lifestyle, taste and purpose.

While getting the tiles installed one should also keep in mind the switch boards and electrical sockets in the kitchen and ensure that the border or the designs in the tiles are not broken by them. Also keep in mind the color of the electrical units on the wall before choosing the tile color. Any kind of tile can be used for the kitchen. The important point to be considered is its durability and reaction to chemical cleaning agents.

A ceramic tile can be easy to clean and works great for the part behind the

The Appeal of Handmade Bespoke Kitchens

The main concept of bespoke kitchens has become popular among homeowners as everyone is now determined to make themselves noticeable to the guests and the possible buyers. Most firms that provide these types of kitchens can appear to be similar in nature, but the cost range is different and you ought to be completely sure about the price and the fitting before choosing a kitchen.

First of all, one should try to get familiar with the big variety of selections and the range of quality principles. One thing that has to be determined is whether the pieces of furniture are made by hand or they are machine made. Cheaper units are not actually made by hand. A lot of the bespoke kitchens which are available on the market are said to be totally handmade but, actually, the people are only involved in a small part of the manufacturing work. Actually, the most expensive kitchen models are fully made by hand. They also have remarkable longevity and boasts of a top quality. They are made in several styles and designs and you may decide according to the decor of your property. It’s to be noted, however, that one